Grizzly Street is Ben Mulheran, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Brisbane, Australia. Raised on Tintin comics and skateboards while listening to an odd selection of punk, country, and anything from the 1980s and prior.

Ben's initial attraction to art and inspiration stems from skateboard graphics, the few comics that could be hired from the local library and the album artwork of almost everything listened to growing up.

With a background in graphic design producing commercial print ready files and professional content for a broad variety of clients rounds out the ability to produce illustrations that are ready for commercial printing on merchandise or printed media alongside all digital uses.

If you would like to get in touch regarding work or just to ask a question please get in contact via the details in the info section or use the form on the contact page.

Select Clients

Uppercut Deluxe / Penny Skateboards / Z-Flex Skateboards / Seven Skates / Celsius Snow / Red Frogs Australia / White Tiger Tattoo Co / Rhythm Japan

Grizzly Street



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